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Answer the Call to Adventure in Black Desert SEA

The call to adventure has been sent out, and Adventurers are setting out into the unknown in Black Desert SEA as events to assist in the hero’s journey go live today. Whether they are the hero, the mentor, or both, everyone will be rewarded for answering the call and embarking on quests!

To make sure all who journey forth are kept well-informed, the official website has been revamped so Adventurers can stay up-to-date on the latest that Black Desert SEA has to offer. With a more intuitive UI designed for easy access to news, updates, and ongoing events, everyone can rest assured that they can find everything they need at!

Every hero needs a mentor, so both veterans and rookies in Black Desert SEA can receive great rewards by bolstering friendships through a new event. Adventurers can invite up to five people to become fellow Adventurers. These rookies can receive two sets of rewards for leveling up a character to level 30 and 56, and veterans will also receive exclusive rewards based on the achievements of their invitees! Register on the official website before September 25 and claim the title of a “Black Desert Guru” today! 

In addition, a new initiative is looking for members to join a community of Supporters, whose jobs are to offer wisdom and advice for Adventurers new and old while working to help build a better Black Desert world. With 100 spots available, those who are chosen to become a part of this group will receive rare in-game items every month. Applications start today, so be sure to check out the details and apply! 

Other events are also offering the best of Black Desert SEA to all who participate. For a limited time, Adventurers can test out classes at level 60 as a trial to see which one fits them the most. A special login rewards event will also be available until December 11 for new and returning players to the world of Black Desert. For more information about this update, visit the official website at

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