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Blind Fate: Edo No Yami, a Hardcore Action Game Set in Futuristic Japan, is Out Now on Nintendo Switch

Veteran indie developerTroglobytes Games and international publisher 101XP are pleased to announce the release of the hardcore action game, Blind Fate: Edo No Yami, on Nintendo Switch. Test your mettle in a cyber samurai game set in post-apocalyptic Japan.

The Nintendo Switch Release date is set for the 22nd of September 2022, so stay tuned. A dedicated Japanese version for PS4/PS5 is set for release in October.

In Blind Fate: Edo No Yami, players enter a dark and machine-filled sci-fi Edo period as the Shogunate rules Japan, with their power and prestige rooted deep within society. Your mantra? Follow orders, obey your overlords, and kill. That was up until your sight was taken away in a deadly conflict, now nothing is what it seems.

As you re-awaken, the balance of life changes in an instant. Relying solely on your damaged Sensors, you must learn to survive and heed the advice of mentor Tengu – Become stronger and dive head-first through a path of rage, in this insane and fantastical world of cybernetics and ancient mythology. Everything you once knew is turned upside down, as you relearn what once made you a skilled, samurai assassin.

We hope you enjoy playing Blind Fate: Edo no Yami on Nintendo Switch!

  • You use your senses to explore the world without sight. With no vision, you rely on hearing, smell, and touch to discover history and guide Yami through his revenge-filled quest. As you travel back in time, you uncover lost secrets from the past.
  • Discover your new ability to detect your enemies’ weaknesses and use them against them. You’re even better at fighting when you’re blind!
  • Use “The Mask of the Onisimulation” to simulate the world around you, using environmental data gathered from a world that has been lost. Be careful though: as the data available to you may either help you win or mislead you with echoes of memories which no longer exists.
  • Discover the stories behind dozens of robotic versions of traditional Japanese monsters. See them fight each other, see them get destroyed by powerful finishers, and learn why they’re so popular.

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