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At Steam Next Fest, French publisher NACO and the Chilean developer ACE Team are pleased to release a demo for Clash: The Artifacts of Chaos. Players from all over the world can play through the game’s first chapter, exploring the strange lands of Zenozoi, fighting bizarre creatures and challenging skilled competitors in real time combat.

Clash: Artifact of Chaos is an innovative action-adventure title set in a world full of magic and mystery. Players will control the protagonist, Pseudo, who wields a variety of weapons and abilities. In addition to his fists, he also possesses a claw that allows him to tear through objects. He can also transform into a giant monster called “Pseudomoon” to deal massive damage to foes. With a wide array of attacks and skills, players will be able to defeat any foe they encounter.

The gameplay revolves around a ritual system based on dice rolls. Every player has a collection of artifacts that grant various powers. These include items that increase attack power, speed, defense, and so forth. When the ritual begins, each artifact is rolled against another. Depending on the results, players may choose to activate their own artifacts or those belonging to others. For example, if the roll shows that the opponent has a higher level artifact, then the player may decide to activate theirs instead. However, if the roll indicates that the opponent has a lower level artifact, then the user may opt to activate their own.Players can also equip armor and accessories that enhance their stats. They can also change between three stances: defensive, offensive, and neutral. Each provides a different advantage depending on the situation. Lastly, players can also learn new techniques and spells by equipping runes. By collecting enough runes, players can upgrade their equipment and gain access to new features.Clash: Artifact of Chaos is currently in development for PC and mobile platforms.

You can play the demo of Clash: Artifices of Chaos on Steam.

The final version of the game will be available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Steam and Epic in February 2023.

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