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Explore An Island Full Of Ancient And Extinct Dinosaurs

Two years ago, Independent game creator and distributor Antiproto Studios released Prehistoric Hunt on the PC via STEAM™ Early Access; since then, they have continued enhancing the game and has securely launched a constant flow of thrilling updates which makes an already exemplary gameplay even bigger and better!
Prehistoric Hunt is an astonishing game where you can go on vigorous dinosaur hunting trips along with your friends: complete hunts for Preton Corporation, get prizes, upgrade your equipment and become a premier hunter. Now, a new trailer has been revealed, and the game can be obtained with a 40% reduction during the STEAM™ Winter Sale between December 22nd and January 5th, 2023. Played on a large island, Prehistoric Hunt serves as the ultimate solitary or cooperative dinosaur hunting experience you were longing for.

Varied kinds of dinosaurs inhabit the area and it possess varied scenarios from high mountains to deep forests as well as expansive fields. Your duty is to pursue these dinosaurs and fulfill different types of hunt tasks to obtain rewards for fresh equipment or track whatever you like freely. You may come across tracks in the land areas and perceive for dinosaur cries to grab what you need. Even if some are tamer herbivores, some are more fiercely hostile carnivores.

Chasing down any species of dinosaur carries potential risk; you must pay attention to understand how each one varies from one another. Hunting can be done through classic firearms but there is also an option of utilizing sedatives plus bows alternatively. Despite some weapons providing more firepower while some others being simpler in management.

Prehistoric Hunt is available via STEAM™

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