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Extreme Puzzle Action Monochrome World comes to Nintendo Switch and Steam

The game publisher CFK announced that their new original puzzle action game, Monochrome World, will be released worldwide on Thursday, May 7 via Nintendo eShop and Steam.
● Prologue
The world lost its color all of a sudden.
And only the gray remained.
I do not know how much time has passed since then.
I just kept falling from the sky over and over again.
I am a raindrop.
Then one day, I fell to a place I’ve never been before.
An unknown power led me to the color I thought was lost.
I had no idea what it meant….
● Re-color the monochrome world!
Monochrome World is CFK’s new 3D puzzle action game where a raindrop embarks on a journey to bring back colors to the once-colorful world of gray. As a raindrop, the player has to find lost colors hidden in various places.
● Action puzzle that tests your control!
In Monochrome World, the raindrop moves and jumps to get to the destination. Being the only one with color, the raindrop paints any square it passes, one by one. To clear a stage, the player has to color most of the road before reaching the destination. Use your head to draw your own Eulerian trail.
Many traps and tricks hinder the raindrop, and enemies will try to pop it. But don’t be afraid; the player can try as many times as they want until the stage is cleared.
● Make your own raindrop!
The raindrop starts its journey as a normal, generic drop of water. However, it will find many and diverse skins and accessories as the adventure goes on. Customize the raindrop using colors, accessories, and skins that resemble chicks, kittens, puppies, etc.
In addition, the gameplay becomes more immersive with EDM-style music and 3D graphics made with Unreal Engine.
English, Korean, and Japanese are supported and interchangeable in the game option.
Join the raindrop and re-color the gray world together in Monochrome World, the 3D puzzle action game. Monochrome World will be released worldwide on Thursday, May 7 via Nintendo eShop and Steam Store.

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