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Fairy Knights begins pre-purchase on Nintendo eShop

The game publisher CFK begins pre-purchase of Fairy Knights (DL only) for Nintendo Switch on Thursday, April 23.

Fairy Knights is a unique mix of puzzle and RPG featuring the adventure of a boy and a girl in the pastel-colored world.

● Story
No one knows when the Kingdom of Vadelle became barren.
A rite is held in the Kingdom every 10 years to keep the Devil from breaking the seal.
In the rite, a complier must control the power of five Mana Stones and put the Devil back to sleep.

Kai, a green and fresh complier, is ordered by his grandfather Jiro to join the rite. He leaves his hometown with Digi the cat.

Traveling across the desert, Kai and Digi are troubled by a strong monster.
By luck, they are saved by Elisa, a priestess from the Empire.
Terrible with directions, Elisa agrees to travel with Kai in return for a guide service.

Kai’s party finally reaches Vadelle Castle, only to hear that troops will start for the Devildom instead of priests.
Prince Calos, leader of the troops, orders Kai to bring him the Mana Stone of Fire.
Kai is forced to head to the Fire Tower.

After that, everything begins to turn out the way Kai never expected…….

● Characters


A boy living in the village of compliers located south of Vadelle.
From young, he has been raised to be a complier by Jiro, his grandfather and also the Great Complier.
Although timid and peace-loving, he manages to complete any tasks given to him.
Of course, it is because he is not bold enough to turn down what he doesn’t prefer.


A girl from the Empire. Despite being a priestess, she is incapable of controlling her magic.
She visited Kingdom of Vadelle to solve her problem.
With the help of Kai, she safely arrives in Vadelle Castle and continues traveling with him afterwards.


A cat that grew with Kai in the village of compliers.
This cat has lived way longer than Kai, but no one knows exactly how old it is.
It doesn’t understand human language, but has many helpful talents.


The Prince who decided to slay the Devil instead of putting him back to sleep.
A member of the Royal Family, he is arrogant and assertive.
He orders Kai to bring the Mana Stone of Fire in return for letting him join the troops.

● Gameplay

The story begins with Kai and Digi heading for Vadelle Castle to join the rite. Players progress the story by passing through regions marked by blue circles. Prepare for battle as you enter and explore each region.

Don’t worry about game-overs even if you lose the battle. Players can challenge as many times as they want until victory is achieved. If enemies are too strong, level-ups and getting better gear are necessary.

In places such as Vadelle Castle and Town of Ves, players can learn about the world of Fairy Knights through communication with various NPCs. Of course, players can visit shops like they do in a normal RPG.

Make sure to talk to every NPC and listen to what they say. They might give some hints to progress the story!

● Defeat enemies with the puzzle!
Fairy Knights’ battle system is based on the pipe puzzle.
Players move stone panels engraved with paths to make an energy route. The energy will destroy the panels in its way, making the character take various actions on enemies.

More stone panels you break, stronger the attack gets. But be careful not to make a wrong move and finish the puzzle early, especially when fighting a powerful enemy.

Don’t be afraid of fights, though, since leveling up unlocks many new weapons and spells.

Watch a boy and a girl weave a tale of friendship, will and courage in Fairy Knights. It begins pre-purchase on Thursday, April 23 via Nintendo eShop. A 20% discount is offered during the period, so don’t miss this chance!

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