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Fuzz Force: Spook Squad set to release June 8th on Steam PC

Fuzz Force is proud to announce their dicey deckbuilder roguelite Fuzz Force: Spook Squad will release on Steam PC on June 8th. Join the agents of the Spook Squad on their mission to capture the Polter Prince using their dice-powered weaponry.

Swapping the deckbuilding staple of cards for dice makes many of the mechanics of the genre easily accessible, creating a great entry point for those new to the deckbuilding roguelite genre. Collect dice with built in Status Effects and combine them with passive ability Modules to create the perfect ghost hunting load out.

Challenge ghosts in turn based battles, pitting your dice against theirs. Trade their captured souls for new items, to upgrade your dice or to pay to roll the Bonus Dice for potential good fortune across the board game world. A board game world uncovered a tile at time giving full choice over a quick sprint to the exits or a methodical ghost cleansing.


  • 4 unique characters with 4 weapons each offering play style variations
  • Procedurally generated game boards
  • Story events with choose-your-own resolutions
  • Vast range of dice, Status Effects and Modules to combine for synergies
  • Additional game play modifiers to add challenge
  • Original music for battles composed by Haakon Davidsen

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