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StarCrawlers Chimera Trailer and Kickstarter Announcement Press Release

Indie game studio Juggernaut Games is excited to release a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming title StarCrawlers Chimera, which will be coming to Kickstarter on May 25th 2021 at 4:00 pm GMT. Concurrently, Juggernaut will also be hosting a Playtest on Steam, which is free to all players and can be accessed on the StarCrawlers Chimera Steam store page.

Game Description:

You’re a lone crawler on a deadly mission: infiltrate the Chimera megacorp and find your target: the elusive Dr. Cerberus. StarCrawlers Chimera is a first-person, turn-based, cyberpunk dungeon crawl set in the universe of StarCrawlers. Explore the twisting depths of the Chimera complex, fight hordes of vicious enemies, and grab as much loot as possible!


  • Grid-based cyberpunk dungeon crawling & tactical turn-based combat
  • Procedurally generated & handcrafted maps with hidden secrets, bonus quests and plenty of loot
  • Customize your character as you level with new skills and new gear
  • 4 difficulty modes and optional permadeath
  • A huge variety of enemies, boss fights, and rare foes with unique abilities 

Are you a stealthy cyberninja? A crazed pyromaniac soldier? Mind-bending void psyker? Or…. a bit of each? Customize your skills to suit your playstyle and explore a mysterious complex operated by a ruthless megacorp. Each successive level will bring new challenges, new enemies, and greater rewards!

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