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Gloomhaven’s Gameplay Trailer and Early Access Price Revealed!

AAsmodee Digital reveals the Gameplay Trailer for Gloomhaven, its upcoming Tactical RPG title. The game will be released in Early Access on July 17th for $24.99.

The Gameplay Trailer showcases the main mechanics at work during combat and exploration, being an introduction to Gloomhaven’s unique, deep and rich dungeon-crawling experience. This gives players a first taste of the digital exclusive Adventure mode based on roguelike mechanics.

As a board game, Gloomhaven has raised $4.4 million on Kickstarter thanks to more than 45,000 backers. Designed by Isaac Childres, the Gloomhaven board game has been acclaimed by both players and critics alike, achieving the highest rating on BoardGameGeek and winning 6 Golden Geek awards, including “Board Game of the Year” in 2017.

The digital adaptation, developed by Flaming Fowl Studios, allows players to play as a squad of two to four mercenaries, in a world of darkness and trials. Its legendary unforgiving difficulty rewards only the sharpest strategic minds. Bringing the lore, game mechanics and identity of the beloved board game into the digital era, Gloomhaven will leverage all the benefits of the PC platform.

At the start of the Early Access, players will be able to experience a new exclusive Adventure Mode based on roguelike mechanics, combining both combat and exploration. Four characters will be available at the start. The roster of characters, enemies and bosses, each including their own abilities, will be expanded on a regular basis during Early Access, along with additional environments, quests, items and more.

Players will be able to experience the unforgiving world of Gloomhaven through different difficulty levels, delivering an optimal experience for Gloomhaven’s beginners while allowing experts to use the original board game settings. The full Campaign from the original board game, along with the multiplayer Coop mode, will be available when the full game is launched.

During Early Access the price of the game won’t increase while additional content is being added during its development.  Players who purchased the game during Early Access will not be charged extra at full release, when the game will be priced slightly higher, thus being rewarded for joining Gloomhaven earlier and contributing to the game’s success.

Isaac Childres, designer of the original board game, has been closely involved in the development and design of the digital adaptation, with every artistic and design choice personally vetted by him.

At Asmodee Digital we are huge fans of the original board game and we want to offer the best digital Gloomhaven experience possible. That’s why the game will first start in Early Access, allowing us to fine-tune and improve the game based on players’ feedback. Working together with the community, we’re confident the digital Gloomhaven experience will do justice to the masterpiece board game we all love.

We have strong ambitions for the digital Gloomhaven game: the included roadmap gives an overview of what’s planned. This is of course indicative, as the community feedback will play a key role in the game’s development during Early Access and we intentionally have left several good surprises in the dark!

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