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High Fantasy Lore and Strategy Combat Converge in Call of Dragons, a New MMOSLG from Farlight Games

 Farlight Games, the creative minds behind hugely popular techno-pop gacha RPG Dislyte, revealed its all-new MMOSLG game Call of Dragons. Coming later this year to iOS and Android, Call of Dragons blends high fantasy themes with intense, real-time strategy combat on a massive, infinitely zoomable battlefield. Fortify your village, raise your army, and set forth with a fleet of powerful wyverns to take control of surrounding kingdoms or build alliances with other players.
Call of Dragons features a roster of unique, fantasy-themed heroes and factions in an expansive and visually stunning setting. Complete quests and missions to unlock magical “Artifacts” to power up your hero and let the real fun begin with a myriad of different strategies you can employ, like invisibility during battle. Take your civilization from lowly village to mighty kingdom, and arm your guilds with the best armor and weaponry available. Conquer the skies and control your regions from above with fleets of mighty dragons and face off against enemy forces with a fiery assault.

Fortune favors the curious in Call of Dragons, rewarding exploration with collectibles hidden in every corner. Explore villages to unlock mini-games, discover side quests, and find “Song Fragments,” shattered pieces of ancient melodies that tell the tale of the game world Tamaris’ history and build out the game’s rich lore. Complementing the game’s upgraded lighting and sound effects, the infinitely zoomable 3D map makes it simple to transport troops or team up with an ally. 

Call of Dragons Key Features:  

  • Conquer New Heights: Use flying legions to travel over vast mountain ranges and endless seas. Players can also engage in collaborative 3D battles both on land and in the air using their mighty dragon mounts. Those who rule the skies rule the battlefield.
  • Strategy is Key: Command up to five legions at once! Battle solo in PVE, or team up with other players in true PVP fashion to unleash powerful magic to turn the tides of battle, engaging in epic 40-player dungeons and slaying mythical creatures.
  • Everyone Lends a Hand: Everyone in the alliance is the key to success, and each character’s contribution is visible, tangible, and notable. As they say, “it takes a village!”.
  • Master of Dragons: Tame mighty fire-breathing behemoths by defeating them in battle, and train them to become loyal guardians and deadly airborne weapons of destruction! Summon your scaled beasts in PVP combat to unleash fiery terror that can easily clear battlefields.
  • Untamed Wilds: Call of Dragons features an enormous map with an expansive world waiting to be discovered and claimed. Explore freely, move around the map to explore new territories, or use dragons to scout otherwise inaccessible regions. 

Developed by Legou and published by Farlight GamesCall of Dragons is currently accepting pre-registrations on Android and will launch globally on Android and iOS platforms later this year. Learn more and follow game updates on the official website.

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