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Mobile RPG GrandChase, released its newest SR Hero, Decanee

Decanee is a ranger hero that shreds the enemy with the sharp Evil Eye imbued with the powers of the void. Decanee is a powerful hero that summons creature that increase the power and protects Decanee while she slashes at the enemy. Decanee will engulf the enemy into the voidal powers of apocalypse.

Players can acquire the SR 5★ Hero Decanee just by logging into the game. Players can find Decanee in the System Mail tab of their mailbox. Also, players who participated in the Pre-Registration Event can now redeem the coupon they have received in their emails used for Pre-Registration. The coupon contains both Decanee Avatar Select Ticket that can be exchanged for 1 of Fluffy, Checkmate, or Toy Keyring avatars and Limited Effect Profile Border.
There will also be various events with the release of Decanee. Decanee Step Up will allow players to receive Decanee’s soulbound pet Malefi and her exclusive equipment Evil Eye just by logging in. Players will also receive Chaser Crystals, Awakening Cubes, Soul Essences, and Soul Imprint Cubes as they grow Decanee further. Onwards with Decanee will allow players to receive extra EXP, Gold, Evolution Cubes, and Equipment Crafting Materials in adventure dungeons just by including Decanee in the adventure dungeons.
To help new and returning players to catch up with current progression, the Grand Express Event will return. All players will receive the heroes and the materials needed for their growth, such as Chaser Cubes, Chaser Crystals, Soul Essences, and Soul Imprint Cubes. Players can grow these heroes to Chaser Rank 20 and Soul Imprint Rank 10.

To learn more about GrandChase, please visit and keep watching the official Moot page here

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