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Second Galaxy: Open-world MMO Sci-Fi adventure expected to soft launch on July 5

ZLONGAME announced the global launch of its new open-world sci-fi MMO, Second Galaxy, is coming soon. To prepare for its full release, an official website and Facebook page have been created while a soft launch is scheduled to begin on July 5, 2019.

Second Galaxy is set three thousand years in the future in an alternate world where humanity’s civilizations have formed their own empire among the stars called “Second Galaxy” with the intent to further colonize the universe. A total of five emerging regimes populate the stretch of space humanity finds itself in, each of which has an ever-evolving relationship with one another that has them cooperating while also keeping everyone in check. As the player adventures through deep space, they’ll come across these five regimes and must form unique relationships by taking up allegiances. Through a combination of constant combat, exploration, trading, and strategy, the player will end up playing a critical role in the game’s ever-evolving narrative.

At its core, Second Galaxy is truly an open world game as players can take on any role they desire, be it a merchant, transporter, bodyguard, poacher, warlord, miner, manufacturer, patroller, new world explorer, and more. They can be whoever they like in a world that consists of 4,961 galaxies filled with dark matter, wormholes, space stations, and all manner of celestial bodies to explore. If players require assistance during their travels, they can team up with other players to form corporations to secure scarce resources or launch epic intergalactic battles. When they’re not fighting or exploring, players can take advantage of Second Galaxy’s dynamic trading system where they can buy, sell, and barter with other players.

The cosmic world of Second Galaxy is massive as it features over 50,000 stars, a diameter of more than 1,000 light years, over 150 classes of spacecraft across five unique types, 1,000+ types of tactical equipment, 3,000+ spacecraft components, and more than 5,000 technological upgrades. This near endless amount of customization is advanced by Second Galaxy’s intuitive industrial development system, power control system, and dynamic economic system.

Behind the scenes, ZLONGAME has made significant breakthroughs to overcome many technical barriers to support half a million concurrent online players, and thousands of players on the same screen engaging in real-time combat. This makes ZLONGAME’s Second Galaxy the first mobile game in the world to achieve such a feat.

For more information and to keep track of all upcoming events, please visit the following links:

●   Second Galaxy website:
●   Second Galaxy Facebook page:

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