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Maitetsu Pure Station – The review

If you haven’t hear of Maitetsu Pure Station, check this annoncement article:

Maitetsu Pure Station tells the story of Migita Sotetsu who will return to his hometown of Ohitoyo after hearing that a factory could be set up by the river in an attempt to change the minds of the people responsible for this decision. While a good half of the population is for the opening, the other party fears the risks of pollution of their beloved river. Acknowledging that the city’s budget has been in decline for several years, Sotetsu believes the city needs a system that would allow it not to depend on a factory to boost its economy. While he is looking for another way, he will discover by rummaging through his father’s belongings a Raillord-type android named Hachiroku. They will use the bond that has been created between them to work with hope to restore the city to its former glory.

In Maitetsu Pure Station, the player slips into the skin of Sotetsu who will go in search of the locomotive of Hachiroku with the help of his half-sister Hibiki and Paulette the mayor of the city. They are going to put locomotive 8620 back into service, but the modifications made will aggravate the machine’s faults, which they will have to repair.

Maitetsu Pure Station is an improved version of the visual novel Maitetsu released in 2016 in Japan on Playstation 4 and PC and the following year on Switch. It has however been censored on its sexist aspects to be accessible to players of all ages. The game has already given birth to a manga in Japan and an animated series is currently in preparation. A sequel to the game called Maitetsu: Last Run !! is also announced in Japan for January 31, 2020, only in Japan.

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