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NEOWIZ, a publisher in the gaming industry, has announced that pre-registration for their upcoming game, Guardian Goddess: Idle RPG

Guardian Goddess: Idle RPG is an idle role-playing game that aims to engage gamers globally through its immersive gameplay and innovative features. Players will embark on an epic adventure in a virtual world full of vibrant elements.
The game also provides a wide selection of equipment and costumes to fuel players’ desire for growth. There are 24 equipment options available for weapons, hair, and body parts, allowing for extensive character customization. The costume function allows for independent personalization of appearance regardless of equipment worn. Guardian Goddess: Idle RPG features impressive visual effects and dynamic skills.
The game features 20 skill combinations, each with unique visual effects, providing an engaging experience. NEOWIZ is offering exclusive rewards for early registrants to celebrate the global pre-registration launch. Users can engage in easy-to-use actions and develop powerful skills that provide a satisfying sense of impact. Players who pre-registered for the game will receive a limited edition costume set upon its official release, as a gesture of gratitude.
NEOWIZ is committed to providing an exceptional gaming experience for players globally. Additional information on the official release date for Guardian Goddess: Idle RPG will be revealed soon. To learn more about the game and its pre-registration launch, please visit the official website or reach out to our press representative listed below.

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