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Space drone action-sim Nimbatus launches today!

Developers Stray Fawn Studio have announced that its action-packed space engineering simulation Nimbatus will be leaving Steam early access and launching today for PC, Mac and Linux for $19.99, €16.79, £15.49 with a 25% launch discount.

A game about space exploration, science and creativity, players craft custom drones from multiple parts, then send them out into a procedurally generated galaxy to collect resources and complete missions. Drones can be controlled by players or function as fully autonomous entities using logic and sensor parts. Different enemies, biomes and completely destructible planets await.
Players can craft drones out of hundreds of different parts and explore a destructible, procedurally generated galaxy either in an anything-goes Sandbox mode or the resource-limited story-based Survival mode. In Survival mode, players can choose a captain from one of six different archetypes including the tech-savvy researcher, tough old boxer or the mysterious cybernetic programmer (recommended for experts only!). Each captain offers different bonuses to further customise drones and push builds to the limit.
Autonomous drones can be entered to fight other players’ creations in the arena in an attempt to climb up the leaderboards in a variety of multiplayer game modes such as Sumo, Catch, Racing and an all-out Brawl!
Development on Nimbatus began 7 years ago and covered a successful Kickstarter, multiple awards like the GDC Best in Play Award, the Tencent Game Innovation Award and 5 major updates since the Early Access launch in 2018. The Early Access updates vastly expanded the game’s survival mode, added new multiplayer modes like racing and a brawling tournament, new captains, dozens of new drone parts and weapons, further customization options and more. 

Key features:

  • Over 75 physically simulated parts to construct your drones
  • Fully destructible planets with different biomes and enemies
  • Procedural weapon system and tech tree
  • Autonomous drone programming using logic and sensor parts
  • 3 gameplay modes: Survival, Sandbox, Competitive
  • 6 different captains, each offering a unique play style
  • Asynchronous multiplayer tournaments using programmed drones

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