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Wild Frontier is Now Globally Available on Google Play and the App Store

Shortly after its global release on Google Play, Wild Frontier, 37GAMES’s most recent Western-themed RTS game, is now available on the App Store. The game has proven to be popular among early access players. During its pre-registration campaign, Wild Frontier hit 1 million pre-registered users. The game takes place in America during the westward expansion of the late 19th Century.

Wild Frontier is truly the land of the free and home of the brave. With outlaw gangs, gun battles, and seamless world exploration, players can immerse themselves in the Wild West. Players find themselves as a mayor of an old Wild West town at the edge of nowhere with enemies at all sides. Players must provide food and shelter for the new settlers through customizable city construction and resource gathering. The world of Wild Frontier is inhabited by hostile NPCs and greedy real-world players, which will take your territory when given the chance.

Players can hire unique cowboy heroes with specialized skills to lead their armies. According to an early access Japanese player, “there’s all the different kinds of heroes. I love how they even made an Asian cowboy hero. Very inclusive of the developers!” In the game, there are 4 major unit types with 40 distinct battle units with their own appearances. The various types of units allow for more strategic battle planning and will require good resource management.

Wild Frontier, developed by Karma, the team behind Guns of Glory, is the flagship product of 37GAMES for 2020. Players can expect frequent updates and performance improvements.

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