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Pre-registration starts for award-winning mobile pixel-art roguelike ARPG ‘Elemental Dungeon’

Indie game studio ComboTravellers, in partnership with publisher Panda Games, has started pre-registration for the global version of their acclaimed free-to-play mobile adventure game Elemental Dungeon on the Google Play Store. Pre-registered players will receive an exclusive reward upon release! The game with its lovingly designed pixel graphics and innovative game mechanics won the Silver Award at the Tencent Games Innovation Competition and has made the finals at the Indie Prize awards.

About the Game

Elemental Dungeon is a novel ARPG with roguelike features for Android that introduces a groundbreaking spell system. The game invites players to take on the role of one of 5 heroes each with different skills, including a rookie Mage, a Hunter ridden with mid-life crisis, a mysterious Ronin, and a lunatic Bomber girl. Players explore randomly generated dungeons within 7 unique worlds and pick up 6 elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning, Ice, Darkness) that they can combine to cast unique spells. The game has 2 single-player modes (Adventure & Challenge) and 2 multiplayer modes (PvE Adventure & PvP Brawl) that cater to every play style.

– 4 customizable heroes with unique abilities
– 6 elements for 200+ unique spell combos
– 7 worlds with 150+ monsters and 9 final bosses
-100+ items and upgradeable ability tree
– Fluid real-time battle in randomized dungeons
– Detailed pixel-art graphics and original music score
– Multiplayer mode for up to 4 players with in-game emotes

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