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Retro-style RPG Twin Blades of the Three Kingdoms gets physical for Nintendo Switch

Eastasiasoft Ltd., an independent game development studio from China, has announced that its classic role playing game, Twin Blades of the Three Kingdom, will be released physically for Nintendo Switch. Pre orders start later this week.

Inspired by classic novels Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Chinese), this new roleplaying game combines Chinese history and mythos presented in an old school pixellated art style. Players will get to play as more than 120 generals in the warring factions of China and rewrite history in a “what if” scenario spanning an epic single–play narrative experience, all set to an Original Soundtrack by acclaimed composer BUNBUN who has worked on games like MegaMan3, Breath of Fire, and Final Fight 2 among others.

Twin Blades of the three kingdoms is originally developed by independent japanese studio UNICO and will released in physical release by eastasiasoft limited. Pre order opens with online retailer playasia at 11pm hong kong time (11am et/4pm uk) thursday october 27th. Only 2000 limited editions will be produced and includes the game,manua,soundtrack cd and numbered certificate in a collectors box at $39.99 plus shippinig. Standard copys will also be avaiable as an open pre order at $29.99 each. Shipping is expecetd to start in january 2023.

About the Three Kingdoms

A legendary hero comes to life in retro style with Twin Blades of Three Kingdoms, a fresh take on classic Chinese fiction that combines historical elements with rich

You can meet 120 different Genera­tions of people who look like they’re from another world. Use them to create a unique party. Fight enemies in turn-based combat. And face terrifying bosses. All set to an atmospheric 8 bit music score by acclaimed composer Bunbun.

Key features include:

  • Read a story inspired by classical novels Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
  • Engage in turn-based combat that adds tactical depth to every encounter.
  • Create a party from more than 120 generals, each with unique skills and illustrations!
  • Discover a vibrant world that blends Chinese history with fantastical legends.
  • Enjoy old-school pixel art presentation and an original chiptune soundtrack by BUNBUN!

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