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Someday You’ll Return – The Review

Someday you’ll return starts you off playing the lost daughter of the protagonist in some sort of a dreary collapsed dungeon, and immediately you can get a feel of the tone the game tries to set. You don’t know where you are and the blinking lights sets an ominous feel.  Someday you’ll return is a story driven psychological horror game from CBE Software, and for the most part, they got the psychological horror part done well. From what we have played so far, the woods, the dungeons, the crazy birdman villain, the little girl who likes to dance to the old lady you first meet all gives you the feeling that this game is setting the stage to scare the pants off you.

For most of the game you’ll play as protagonist Daniel who is searching for his lost daughter in the Moravian forests. It’s apparent early on that this guy has some attitude issues, and we’re not sure if he gets better later on, but he’s not the most likeable character. He is always whining and complaining about everything, and we seriously think some time in anger management might help the guy out.

The first run down abandoned bunker you come across in the game really gives you the first real feel of dread, and it is also where you’ll get a first glimpse of the villain, which we like to refer as the crazy bird man! The game nails the atmosphere here and if you’re not the type of gamer that takes horror games very well, you might want to get some spare underpants ready.

From what we’ve played so far, there hasn’t’ been any type of combat. There has been a few puzzle solving scenarios, and outside of a little bug, it was quite solid. We didn’t have to use our heads too much to solve the problem and move on, but we are still in the early parts of the game, so there could be some puzzles that could completely stump your progress, but that wouldn’t be unique to this game if that was the case anyway.

Graphically the game holds up very well. Using the Unreal engine 4, the game looks fantastic for a non AAA games. Lighting and shadows are handled very well and sets the mood and atmosphere for the game convincingly. Character models are not the best and feel like they belong from games back in the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 era, but they do get the job done well enough. But considering how little you see other people, a little more effort could’ve been put here. Outside of a few low res textures, the Moravian forest has been created beautifully, and we found ourselves at times just stopping for a little bit to take in the sceneries.

Performance wise, the game ran great on our computer. There were a few hic cups here and there, but nothing that annoyed us enough to break the immersion. We have an 8700k with a 1080Ti, and the game ran near perfectly with the game resolution of 3440×1440 with everything maxed out.

Someday You'll return
4.1 / 5 OG Score
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Great graphics for a non AAA game
Fantastic audio with full voice acting
Great atmosphere and genuinely scary
Puzzle solving gameplay mechanics works well and is interesting
Protagonist is not very likeable
Not much of a story so far
A few bugs
What We Think
Someday you'll return is a great horror game. The graphics and audio was well utilised to set the tone for an eerie atmosphere for what is going to be a game that is going to scare the pants of most players. The puzzle solving scenarios in the game are well laid out. Besides for the annoying protagonist, there isn't much to dislike about the game, and we would recommend this game to anyone who is looking for a horror game with a little something different.
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