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Survive the Perils of Nira this October on Nintendo Switch and PC

Ride an alpaca, battles ogres, fly a plane and more as you try tosurvive a procedurally generated universe in the sandbox survival adventure game Nirafrom Graffiti Games and Baseline Games. Launching October 14 on the Nintendo Switch and PC for $9.99 USD, Nira has players journey through procedurally generated islands to unravel the story of a mysterious Totem, all while trying to stay alive. 

In Nira players explore procedurally generated islands filled with fast-paced building, crafting, fighting, farming and quests. Build a base, hunt, cook, battle ogres, make friends with a mysterious Totem, ride an alpaca, fly a plane and do whatever is needed to survive. While battling to remain alive, unravel the story of a mysterious Totem by befriending it and taking on the quests it gives. Offer items to gain experience and upgrade the Totem to unlock superior quests that grant even more experience.  

“I’ve been listening to feedback from the community and working hard on improving the game since Nira first hit Early Access last year,” said Barry, founder and developer at Baseline Games “I’m happy to see all the efforts come together and finally launch the full version of Nira, especially on the Nintendo Switch. The minimalistic pixel-art and fast-paced gameplay works great with the portability of the Switch, which allows players to easily hop in and out of play sessions.” 

Major Features Include:

  • Gather resources to craft tools, deadly weapons and armor sets 
  • Level up your skills to unlock new weapons and recipes 
  • Build a fortress to defend yourself from enemies 
  • Fight hordes of goblins and ogres  
  • Plant and grow crops 
  • Hunt for food and cook meals to heal 
  • Complete quests given by a mysterious Totem to level up your character 
  • Discover dungeons throughout the game that teleport you to another world where you have to fight waves of enemies 
  • Build vehicles 
  • Tame and ride animals 
  • Play solo or with one friend in local co-op 
  • Explore an array of beautifully rendered pixel-art worlds 
  • Endless procedurally generated gameplay    For more information regarding Nira please visit the game’s Steam page, Graffiti’s Twitter page or Baseline’s Twitter page.

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I am passionate about “Heroic Fantasy” and “Beat Them all” games on Nintendo Game System (I hate SEGA). Now that I am old, I love retro gaming, since I don’t have much time. Feels good to watch endings though…
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