TT Isle of Man 2 – the review

We had the pleasure et Oldgamers to test this new game: TT Isle of Man Ride on the Edge 2 . We announced this release ealier this year

The KT teams focused above all on the title simulation aspect and the driving sensations to stick as much as possible to reality. It is clear that having used professional pilots will have been beneficial.

Where the first video game offered very lively handling, allowing rapid changes of angles and requiring a very precise dosage, the sequel offers completely revised gameplay. TT 2 is certainly still very demanding in terms of driving but has a different approach. Piloting thus seems simpler because physics seems more natural. We now feel the weight of the machine when changing trajectories and it no longer turns immediately, requiring more anticipation in piloting. Likewise, handling at low speed improves greatly. However, we must remain vigilant in its dosage of brakes and accelerator, especially when we deactivate the various assistance available and adjustable to 4 intervention levels (off, low, medium, high).

Check this out!

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