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‘Blair Witch: Oculus VR Edition’ the World’s Most Haunted Woods on Oculus Rift, here is my first impression and the gameplay

Blair Witch VR Edition Is now available for Oculus Rift, So When I got a Copy of the game I was so Thrilled by this since I had a version of the Quest Edition but never had the chance (or finance) to buy a Quest Headset.
The virtual reality game Blair Witch VR is of course inspired by the film of the same name. It therefore gives you the same fears that you felt when looking at it. So, prepare for the worst.

Blair Witch was released in 1999 and became a cult classic due to its realistic atmosphere and terrifying story line. The movie has been remade twice with both versions being very successful. In 2016 we got another remake called Blair Witch which also received positive reviews from critics. Now comes the third version of this horror franchise: Blair Witch VR. This time around there are no actors involved but instead real footage shot during the filming process.

Generally speaking, Blair Witch VR takes over all the story and content of the non-VR game. So there is nothing new at this level. However, you are entitled to even more interesting new gameplay. You now have the presence of the hand. This means that you can now manually pet the dog, for example. You can of course also pick up objects in the environment by simply reaching out your hand.
All in all, the game developers have done a excellent job. Indeed, we have the impression that it is truly designed for virtual reality, whereas it was a non-VR title at the very beginning. Blair Witch VR promises you some very solid scares. You will also have them everywhere. It is not indeed an action horror game like Resident Evil. So you don’t have a lot of fighting to do.

In fact, the vast majority of this game basically boils down to aimless wandering. We find it a bit boring in the long run. Nonetheless, it is quite immersive and scary all the time. Overall this game is very slow and atmospheric. You can easily get lost in the woods. But that’s one of its strengths, because in your VR headset you’re going to feel another form of suffocating tension that really surrounds you.

The best part about Blair Witch VR is that it gives you a good assortment of comfort options. This covers all the standard bases very well. You are also entitled to quick turns and gentle turns. In addition, you can adjust the speed for both. Much like the non-VR Blair Witch, the VR version of the game runs at around six hours. However, if you get stuck or prefer to explore the forest instead of completing it quickly, it will take a lot longer. Either way, Blair Witch VR’s graphics are quite detailed and pretty to look at, even if you constantly feel like you’re being hassled.

If you are used to playing VR games that display full arms and body, you may be put off by the floating hands of this one by the way. But that’s not much of a problem, because you’ll forget about it after playing for a while. As mentioned previously, the graphics are one of the strengths of Blair Witch VR. It looks like it’s even better on Oculus Quest Rift compared to the Oculus Quest 2 version, even though it’s the same game. The quality of the texture is indeed a little better, but not that. 3D models are a bit nicer as well. There is, for example, more foliage, like grass, the addition of fur on the dog, not to mention the additional visual effects.
Definitely a great game to possess in your tiny VR game Library 🙂

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