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Figure Fantasy is now available in open beta

Komoe Technology Limited today announced that it has officially launched the open beta of its 3D figurine-themed mobile game Figure Fantasy on the App Store and Google Play. Figure Fantasy is the first of its kind, combining traditional auto-battling gameplay with Physically Based Rendering (PBR) to create an incredibly life-like world populated by high-quality anime figurines. The game won 2021 Best Game Changer of Google Play in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and the open beta release means players worldwide can start building their collections today.

With the global open beta launch, players can now experience the unique stories and combat styles of over 100 different figurines, claim various rewards and build up their collection right now.

Players can experience opening blind boxes inside the game, like in real life, and collect new figures to join the fight. Figure Fantasy also has an idle system through which players can easily claim resources, even offline, allowing them to expand their collection when they’re away from the game. There will also be a unique self-defined display stand that can be assembled exactly how players want in order to show off their collection.

Figure Fantasy’s strategic combat revolves around players deploying their choice of figurines on a 3×3 grid and arranging their formation in each row according to the figurines’ class. Each character possesses unique skills and so combining different figures to find a winning formula is a vital part of Figure’s Fantasy’s gameplay.

Figure Fantasy’s Open Beta also sees the launch of the limited-time event ‘Ihrendts’ Adventure.’ This Immersive story lets players unlock Ihrendts’ memory and level up the character. Limited-time rewards include at least one Ultra figurine [Ihrendts Ember], themed furniture, a special rate-up, and skin packs, so take the chance while you can!

For more information on Figure Fantasy, visit the official Figure Fantasy website, follow the official Twitter account, like the Facebook page, and join the official discord server to stay updated with all of the latest news.

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