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Acclaimed developer Eek! Games, creator of the edgy 3D adventure-comedy game House Party, has launched its first House Party DLC Expansion Pack today, produced in partnership with Epik and Bravado and starring worldwide celebrity Doja Cat.

Players can explore an unforgettable party filled with zany NPCs and hysterical moments where each decision, action, and conversation changes the story, and every character has secrets to uncover in the new Doja Cat DLC Expansion Pack. Set during one wild night at a friend’s house, players will help Doja Cat to uncover the secret identity of Dinolicious, a costumed online dancing sensation that the famed music star wants to feature in her upcoming music video. 

Doja Cat’s arrival will shake up the original party, transforming it and taking it to an all-new level where players will experience her interacting with, exploring, fighting, or befriending current partygoers and see the hilarious responses that take place. Players can help the renowned pop artist get into the party, watch her react to events around the party, overhear fresh new background conversations, help Doja Cat create her next music video, and maybe even spark a bit of romance with Doja Cat herself.

Doja Cat joins the game’s growing list of real-life party guests alongside famous comedians the Game Grumps and online influencer LetyDoesStuff! Doja Cat will arrive party-equipped with a breathtaking character model based on her real-life appearance, three jaw-dropping hand-selected outfits (a striking black dress, out-of-this-world music video attire, and a sultry hot tub bikini), and a wild storyline filled with memorable experiences, laughs, and mysteries!

The DLC also showcases three of Doja Cat’s hit songs by tying them into the gameplay and integrating them into the story: 

  • Kiss Me More,” the longest-running all-female top 10 hit in US history, a Grammy Award winner, and a nominee for Record of the Year and Song of the Year. It also became a number-one song in New Zealand, Mexico, Malaysia, and Singapore and reached top-five in eighteen countries.
  • Woman,” an ode to divine femininity, reached number seven on the Billboard Hot 100, and top hit 10 in countries like Greece, France, Denmark, Switzerland, Lithuania, and Portugal.
  • Get Into It (Yuh)” is a viral hit on TikTok, a top 5 hit on Billboard‘s Pop Airplay chart, Entertainment Weekly’s 10 Best Songs of 2021, The Tab’s “Best Songs of 2021”, and Pitchfork’s 100 Best Songs of 2021, and a top hit on various international music charts. 

The Doja Cat DLC Expansion Pack has released following the success of House Party’s Summer 2022 exit from Early Access, in which the game became an instant Top Trending Game, Top 30 Global Seller, Top 5 Hot Release on Steam, a Number 1 New Release on the Epic Games Store with thousands of concurrent players worldwide. House Party also boasts 1.1M+ copies sold and a Very Positive review rating on Steam with over 10,000 reviews to date.

The Doja Cat DLC Expansion Pack is planned as part of a future roadmap of House Party DLC and quality of life updates, including a VR port of House Party and potential plans to release on PlayStation. To stay up-to-date on House Party news, follow Eek! Games on Twitter, visit the website, and join the official Discord.
A portion of the proceeds from the Doja Cat DLC Expansion Pack will be donated to Doja’s charity of choice, Advancing Children for Success (ACFS). ACFS is dedicated to the development and protection of children and their families through a focus on improving access to nutrition, health, early learning, and skills development. 

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