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Identity V Pre-registration Now Open!

International games developer and publishing giant, NetEase Games, has today announced that the pre-registration for their 4 vs 1 multiplayer game, Identity V, is now live. To celebrate the first ever Triple-A horror asymmetrical multiplayer game on mobile, NetEase have opened the pre-registration website here ( .

Identity V is a high-quality horror multiplayer game that pits four survivors against a terrifying hunter in classic asymmetrical multiplayer action. NetEase partnered with Behavior Digital, the creators of the highly successful Dead by Daylight, in order to create the most thrilling mobile experience this year.

NetEase has created a unique game for players who pre-register for the exciting new game. To pre-register for Identity V, players will have to collect clues as Detective Orpheus on the main pre-registration site ( . Players will have to decipher pieces of information left on Orpheus’s desk, such as the strange letter he received asking him to help find a lost little girl. Once players complete the mini-game, they will be able to pre-register for either iOS or Android with their email.

Players excited to hear more about the game will be pleased that developers NetEase have also released information on two of the playable hunters in the game. Hunters are tasked with capturing and removing survivors from the game while the team of survivors must avoid being taken – all the while finding cipher devices around the map in order to unlock the gate to escape. This mix of gameplay mechanics provides tense moment to moment multiplayer action and exhilarating jump scares.

The Ripper.
A former artist, the entity now known as “The Ripper” uses his eerily calm demeanour to stalk his prey. Using his fog stealth ability, The Ripper can become invisible for a time allowing him to become an even more dreaded unseen terror. Combine that with his abilities to gain movement speed in fog and that survivors attract fog around them when in one location for too long, The Ripper’s playstyle will suit those who enjoy suddenly pouncing on foes.
Identity V Hell Ember

Hell Ember.
Leo “Hell Ember” Beck was once the owner of a gun factory who was betrayed by his wife and best friend which led to Leo burning down the factory with himself inside. Now risen from the ashes, Hell Ember employs puppets to do his evil bidding. Hell Ember can use special abilities focused around his puppets that allow him to gain powerful detection at range and in later stages of a match, he can even use his puppets to transport himself across the map in an instant.

Identity V has already become a force to be reckoned with on the Chinese market, surpassing the highly popular battle royale games in the charts and NetEase are excited to bring the game to the global gaming community. Players can pre-register for Identity V now with the game coming as soon as early July.

Key Features

  • First ever Triple-A asymmetrical multiplayer mobile game.
  • Experience tense horror-themed action and heart-pounding multiplayer match ups.
  • Intuitive controls that put player and gameplay first.
  • Be the hunter or be the hunted in a 4 vs 1 mash-up inspired by Dead by Daylight, Evolve, and Citizen Kabuto.
  • As the survivors, find and decode the cipher towers to escape the clutches of the terrifying hunter.
  • As the Hunter, use your arsenal of special abilities to trap and destroy the survivors, ensure they will never escape their horrific end!
  • Multiple cosmetics and character unlocks in a free to play model that rewards players for playing.
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