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It is nice when it snows on Kickstarter

Concano Games announces its new kickstarter campaign for its game It is nice when it snows. In the campaign you will find information such as the universe, narrative and mechanics. Also, backers will get exclusive rewards.


About It Is Nice When It Snows
Get involved in this 2d platform and puzzle magical adventure  in which the player will take control of one of the remaining pieces of a broken snowman. Along five amazing hand-drawn worlds you will discover the source of the evil that, among other things, split the snowman apart.

It has a playable demo that was shown at Madrid Games Week and FIMP where it had a great reception from the audience that could play it, as well as a valuable feedback that will be taken into account for subsequent contacts with the audience and the final game.
At the url below, you can find some screenshots where you can appreciate the hand-drawn environment, as well as the art style.

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