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The Journey Begins Now! Monochrome World is released today on Nintendo eShop

The game publisher CFK begins the worldwide launch of their puzzle action game Monochrome World today, May 7, via Nintendo eShop and Steam.
The world lost its color all of a sudden and became gray. As a tiny raindrop, players must retrieve the lost colors hidden in various parts of the world. Being the only thing with color, the raindrop will paint every tile it passes.
● Hardcore puzzle action
In Monochrome World, reaching the destination is all the raindrop has to do for its grand quest (with some simple moves). But there are traps and tricks that could pop the raindrop. Be careful with mines, thorns, collapsing floors, etc. and help the raindrop have a safe journey to where it should be.
Keep in mind that not everyone likes what the raindrop is trying to do. The raindrop can’t fight its enemies head-on. Using traps and tricks on them might be a good idea. With your wisdom, guide the raindrop through many dangers and paint over half of the road it passes to clear the stage.
● Make the raindrop stylish with your touch!
Many items can be found during the journey. Use colors, skins, and accessories you got from the adventure to turn your raindrop into a tiny and lovely animal. It can also equip skills; using them will make the gameplay much easier.
Embark on the grand quest to find lost colors in Monochrome World, released today (May 7) via Nintendo eShop and Steam. The price is $9.99 USD, but you can get it for $7.99 USD until May 20, 2020.

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