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NEOWIZ to Bring Lies of P and a New Demo to PAX West

Inspired by the familiar tale of Pinocchio, lies of p is an action-packed adventure set in a dark Belle Epoque setting. Guide Pinocchio through his relentless quest to become human.

NEOWIZ is bringing its new action RPG Lies of P to the AMD booth at PAX West from September 3-6, 2022 in the Seattle Convention Center. Developers are beyond excited for Lies of P to be shown to thousands of new fans! The Lies of P promises to dazzles its viewers’ eye thanks to AMD’s high-end technology. Fans can visit the AMD booth at the expo.

Lies of P is an upcoming roleplaying game (RPG) developed by Neowiz Games, which has been anticipated for years. It was awarded several prestigious prizes, including Most Wanted Sony Playstation Game during Opening Night Live. At Gamescom‘s Awards, NEOWIS and Lies of P were awarded Best Action Adventure Game and best role playing game awards. For the first times, the US-based members of the Lies of P subreddit will be able to get their hands-on experience with Lies of P.

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