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Beyond the Wire out today on Steam

Offworld Industries is thrilled to announce the release of Beyond The Wire, an immersive multiplayer First Person Shooter (FPS) experience set in WWI. Featuring ten distinct factions, each with their own weapons, equipment, and vehicles, Beyond The Wire puts you into the boots of a soldier fighting across Europe between 1914 and 1918. With a focus on tactical gameplay, communication-driven combat, and authentic period weapons and vehicles, Beyond The WIre offers a fresh take on the classic WWI shooter genre.Beyond The Wire is a team based game where your success depends on your ability to communicate effectively with your teammates. You must coordinate attacks and defend your position, all while keeping track of your ammo supply and managing your health. In addition to the traditional FPS elements, Beyond The Wire also includes a variety of unique mechanics including a customizable character progression, player classes, and a dynamic map editor.The game takes place in four historical locations across the Western Front:Ypres, BelgiumVimy Ridge, FranceMeuse-Argonne Forest, FranceVosges Mountains, Alsace, FranceOffworld Industries is proud to bring Beyond The Wire to life after working closely with the community to ensure that the game was built with the needs of modern gamers in mind. We’ve listened to feedback from our fans and we’re confident that Beyond The Wire will deliver a great online experience for both veterans and newcomers alike.We hope you enjoy Beyond The Wire!For more information about Beyond The Wire, please visit

  • A large scale multiplayer action game where players are divided into two teams of fifty people each. Each team has nine squad leaders who oversee their own group of soldiers.
  • Team focused gameplay: share strategies with your team so they can contend with enemy emplacement, large open maps, claustrophobic trench systems, and the brutal scale of action that soldiers faced on the front line of World War 1.
  • There are ten playable factions: each with its own unique weapons and equipment.
  • Ten large, authentic maps inspired by the battlefields on World War One. Each map measures between 1km² and 2km² in size.
  • Historical weapons: Use period-specific weapons and equipment from World War I.
  • Brutal Melee Combats: Attack, Parry, Counter in Close Contact With Weapons Like Bayonets, Clubs, And Other Blunt Objects
  • Build fortifications and strengthen your front line by using an advanced building technology.
  • Tactical Communication: Use VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology to communicate locally and long distance.

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