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Pixel Art Mobile Game ‘Evil Hunter Tycoon’, on iOS and Android

SuperPlanet’s newest Simulation RPG ‘Evil hunter Tycoon’ globally launched today. It is now available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store for free.

‘Evil hunter Tycoon’ has gathered more than 500,000 pre-registered users and has been globally featured by Google Play Store. Right after release, it is getting high scores and positive reviews in both stores.

‘Evil Hunter Tycoon’ is a simulation game and RPG at the same time. The user becomes a town Chief, then manages own town, raises Hunters and hires them to hunt monsters to gather items that will support the town’s economy. The unique and firm game system combined with cute pixel arts, and Hunter’s witty lines & unexpectable actions will give you a fresh and fun experience.

When the game starts, the gamer will start as a Town chief of the town ruined by the Dark Lord.

Town Chief will build facilities to provide services to Hunters visiting the town and make money by selling items and equipment to Hunters. On the other hand, Hunters can use facilities of the town, go hunting to level up, sell materials obtained through hunting to make money. This is how Evil Hunter Tycoon’s economy runs. Town Chief should build a strong relationship with Hunters to make Town grow fast..

Strong Hunters are essential to a strong town. There are 4 Classes (Berserker, Sorcerer, Paladin, Ranger) and 33 characteristics Hunters can have. They grow strong by hunting monsters, equipping stronger gears, and enhancing equipment. Moreover, when a Hunter reaches level 100, one can reincarnate to change class, and obtain special trait. Stronger Hunter hunts stronger monsters, provides more rare items to the town. Hunters will roam around as they wish, and talk to you sometimes.

TIP) Prepare many items as much as you can for Hunters! If they visit tje pub and you’re out of juice? You will have to face Hunter’s anger!

There are many other features you can enjoy. You can challenge other Town’s Hunters to PVP in ‘Colosseum’, send ‘Expedition’ into endless Dungeons to find unique items, or blow ‘Horn’ to summon and slay evil Boss Monsters sent by the Dark Lord. Build a mighty town and become the Town Chief of the last standing Hunter Town.

Evil Hunter Tycoon is running special events for new users. Newcomers can receive 3 Arcane Hunter Invitations, 20,000 Gold, 100 Gems if you download right now!

“Our whole team including developers will do our best to provide the greatest experience to global users.” said SuperPlanet officials.

Evil Hunter Tycoon supports 13 languages including English, Japanese, Chinese (simplified, traditional), Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Vietnamese and will be serviced in 140 countries.

【 iOS & Android Download Link 】

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