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December 20, 2019 –  gumi Inc. is calling all Summoners to get into the holiday spirit with BRAVE WINTER 2019 in the world of Grand Gaia. 

From Dec 20th 2019 to Jan 22nd 2020, Summoners can look forward to brand new seasonal dungeons, cool units, login rewards and event giveaways.

Brave Winter Dungeons: The Longest Night
Be sure to check out the brand new Winter dungeon and get to know the tales of the Zartosht people.

Eternal Night (Available from Dec 23th – Jan 22th PST)
In Zartosht myths, the darkest and most dangerous night of the year, aptly named The Longest Night, is a time of community spirit and vigilance. Summoners! It is up to you to take up arms against the shadowy foe! Will you be the one to light the way on The Longest Night?

Summoners can obtain sphere upgrading material, Bronze Ingots, and event tokens known as ‘Pomegranate Tokens’ by clearing the missions. Use these tokens at ‘The Longest Night Bazaar’ to exchange for rewards. 

Chasing Dawn (Available from Jan 2th – Jan 22 PST) 

Make brave strides in welcoming 2020 with Brave Frontier as we kickstart the New Year with ‘Chasing Dawn’. 

Threatened by demons and vicious beasts, the people of Zartosht need your help! Tread carefully as you walk the fine line between light and dark alongside the Master Hunter in ‘Chasing Dawn’.

Summoners can obtain sphere upgrading material, Holy Kindling, and event tokens, ‘Pomegranate Tokens’ by clearing the missions. Use these tokens at ‘The Longest Night Bazaar’ to exchange for rewards.

Daily Dungeon: Dawn Paradise  (Available from Dec 23th – Jan 22th PST)
In this daily dungeon, Summoners will be able to pick one of six mission paths to clear.  At the end of the chosen mission path each day, Summoners will be able to earn great rewards. 

Grab this awesome opportunity to obtain up to one Free Dawn Ticket daily, which can be used at the Dawn Free Summon gate!

Dawn Free Summon (Available from Dec 18th – Jan 29th PST)
Earn free Dawn Summon Tickets at the ‘Dawn Paradise’ dungeon to have a shot at obtaining classic seasonal units like Annette, Bjorn & Linlin, Sylvie and Zeruiah daily!

Don’t forget to check out our community events, milestone giveaways, login campaign for bonus Dawn Tickets this holiday season!

The Longest Night Bazaar
Gather all your ‘Pomegranate Tokens’ and exchange them for more rewards! Don’t miss your chance to get the brand new seasonal Sphere – Zartosht Blessing. 
Zartosht Blessing
Sphere Type: Damage Reduce

Sphere Description: A special candle kept lit during the Longest Night. Carefully painted on its surface is an emblem depicting a seated figure with two outstretched wings.

This sphere can be upgraded with materials that can only be obtained in the dungeons, so don’t miss out on the chance to obtain the upgrading material!

To find out more details about the events, follow Brave Frontier’s social media channels

.Brave Frontier is available for download globally on iOS, Android, Amazon, and Windows Phone devices.

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