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Quartet, the second retro-inspired JRPG from games studio Something Classic, has reached its Kickstarter funding goal!  769 backers have pledged $37,075 (USD) to bring the game to PC, Mac and Linux. With funding for the base game secured, a new console stretch goal lies open: at $45,000, the game will also come to Nintendo Switch!

“The Nintendo Switch audience supported Shadows of Adam in a big way,” says producer Tyler Mire.  “Having that extra funding would allow us to port to Switch ourselves, and begin work immediately after the PC release.”

Whether you’re leaping from airship to airship above a raging battle, or evading an ancient monster in the caverns created by an underground river, Quartet is going to look and feel amazing on the Nintendo Switch.  Thanks to short, fast-moving quests, it will be easy for players to flick on their console and wrap up a story arc in short order.  The fast-paced, tag-team style combat also lends itself very nicely to console controls and will be a very smooth experience overall.

Features include:

Eight heroes with a unique roster of spells and abilitiesTactically deep tag-team combatA sprawling, character-driven storyTons of epic and imaginative loot

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I am passionate about “Heroic Fantasy” and “Beat Them all” games on Nintendo Game System (I hate SEGA). Now that I am old, I love retro gaming, since I don’t have much time. Feels good to watch endings though…
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