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Ragnarok: The Lost Memories Launches in North America and Brazil

Gravity Interactive is thrilled to invite North America and Brazil players to embark on a new journey in Ragnarok: The Lost Memories for iOS and Android today. The latest title in the long-loved Ragnarok series blends RPG adventuring with an all-new card battling system. Leading up to the game’s launch, Gravity Interactive released a series of animated videos on YouTube to give players a glimpse at some of Rina and Perr’s adventures.

In Ragnarok: The Lost Memories, players will follow Perr, a swordsman who has awakened on Mount Mjolnir without his memories. As players embark on an epic fantasy journey to help Perr recover his memories, they’ll travel around the massive open world of Midgard, meet a colorful cast of characters, and face a variety of challenges. Over 200 dungeons, a PVP arena, the challenging Mage Tower, daily quests, and more await players.

While on their adventures, players will be able to collect an array of cards and heroes that they can use to build their decks to battle with. Players can assemble different decks and change their strategy to better face the challenges ahead of them. Players will be able to level up their cards and heroes to unlock additional abilities and powers.

Even when not active in the world of Midgard, players will be able to earn rewards via the game’s idle system. Players will be able to automatically cast skills in battle as well as venture across maps and fields. While idling, players can earn gold, materials, loot, and experience.

Ragnarok: The Lost Memories is available now in North America and Brazil on iOS and Android. Players can continue to participate in the Facebook Like Event through January 29 to be entered to win Google Play gift cards. They can also enjoy additional in-game rewards with every milestone met. For more information on Ragnarok: The Lost Memories, visit the official site or follow the game on Facebook and Instagram.

Experience a brand new spin-off story set in the Ragnarok world.
Master a new card battling system using hero skills and monster cards.
Collect many different heroes and cards with unique abilities.
Explore a massive open world with over 200 dungeons, trials, and more to complete.
Adventure automatically across maps and fields and collect gold, materials, and drops with the game’s idle system.
Battle other players in the PvP arena.
Join a guild to participate in guild quests and earn exclusive rewards.​

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