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On-Face Games, “RED*DOT: Frontline” Now on Global Launch!

OnFace Games (CEO Yang Soo-yeol) officially launched the authentic FPS mobile game “RED*DOT: Frontline” in the global mobile game market on May 17, as a result of constant efforts.

“RED*DOT: Frontline” was well-received by users after its opening due to its high level of graphics, powerful and cool shooting, and improvements in mobile-specific easy-to-control methods.

Along with the Grand Opening, various events and content will be unveiled to the public. The Growth Support event, which is held as an in-game open event, will be held with gold and 50% bonus events, and the official RED*DOT Facebook event will also be held to acquire gold, in-game items, and new characters. Additionally, more events are prepared along with the opening and starter events.

RED*DOT is equipped with a Team Death Match, Bombing Mission, and Sniper Mode. RED*DOT also supports a variety of gameplay such as being able to carry out missions and earn rewards. RED*DOT also adds the gun parts system, clan system, season ranking system, and unlockable characters.

Although the global opening time was expected to delay due to the influence of COVID-19, OnFace Games explained that the official opening was decided on May 17 as planned to meet the expectations of players around the world.

Starting with its launch on May 17 at the Open Android Global Market, “RED*DOT: Frontline” is also scheduled for iOS launch in June. Additionally, continuous content updates are also scheduled, which are expected to allow FPS-loving players to enjoy the taste of authentic FPS for the first time in a long time.

Yang Soo-yeol, CEO of OnFace Games ( said, “We have gained confidence in entering the global market through the free opening, and we will continue to add contents that users want in the global market. Red Dot would become a game that can be loved for a long time in the future.”

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