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Bandit Simulator Present at Steam Fest Oct 3-10

Independent development studio Titanite Games has announced that their adventurous role-playing game, Bandit Simulator, will come to  Steam Next Fest in October 3-10, 2022. Inspired by comedies such as Monty Python and the Holy GrailIBandit Simulator lets you explore a wackyopen, medieval world and become the elusive king of robberies.

In Bandit Simulator,you embark on a quest to become The Boss – the most respected thug of all. You will steal valuables, bribe guards, sneak around to avoid detection, punch your way out of trouble and steal even more. Bandit Simulator will keep you hooked through peculiar quests, a colorful world which you can partially blow up and a melee combat system that allows you to shoot your enemies straight into the sky. Additionally, the game has new gameplay mechanics allowing for trampling NPCs when riding your wooden horse, multiple arrow types to wreak havoc and original skills for looting and exploration. The game also received a fresh UI, new quests, an improved stability and performance.


  • An open, medieval world
  • Quests, tasks and looting
  • Convoy robbing
  • An over the top melee combat
  • Original minigames
  • Simplified stealth mechanics
  • Character upgrade system
  • Archery with multiple arrow types

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