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Hospital Tower 2 The fun hospital simulation hits Play Store today

Developer and publisher of popular browser games and apps upjers is announcing the release of Kapi Hospital Tower 2. As of today, the game is available for Android devices in the United States. The quirky hospital simulation is an overhauled sequel to the hit browser game Kapi Hospital, which has been captivating players all over the world for over a decade.

Kapi Hospital Tower 2 builds on its predecessor’s strengths. Players open their own hospital and treat patients with unusual and hilarious diseases. Be it a dicey breath, snake tongue, or excessive battiness – this gaming app has the cure for every malady.

Little by little, the small clinic will become a mighty hospital complex with countless specialized treatment rooms, new wards, and production facilities for medication and medical supplies. The Kapi Hospital Tower will shoot towards the heavens and make its owner rich.

Lovingly detailed graphics and intuitive controls contribute to long-lasting entertainment. New features and enjoyable events that add even greater depth to the game are already planned for after the launch.

Laughter is the best medicine! Kapi Hospital Tower 2 is now available in the US for Android devices!

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