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TRANSPORT FEVER 2 is coming to Mac in Autumn 2020 and will release a major new update

Good Shepherd Entertainment and developer Urban Games have revealed that Transport Fever 2, the latest great tycoon simulation game from the makers of the hit Transport Fever and Train Fever series, will launch on MAC this Autumn. In addition to this new MAC version, the game will also receive a major new update in June. This new update will introduce many player requested improvements, heavily improved modding support and a new wiki with game manual and modding specification.

Originally released in December, Transport Fever 2 has exceeded all expectations and has become the fastest growing entry in the series yet. Transport Fever 2 gives you more than 170 years of real-world technology and history to design and master your own transportation empire with a vastly improved feature set, user interface and modding capabilities. Make your fortune creating elaborate new worlds of transport routes and infrastructure over land, sea and air. Choose from over 200 realistically modeled vehicles from Europe, America and Asia, including trains, buses, streetcars, trucks, aircraft and ships, plus modular stations, airports and harbors.

Experience the greatest logistical challenges from 1850 to today across three unique story campaigns featuring voiceovers and cutscenes, and let your creativity run wild through giant sandbox maps in free play mode. Watch your empire boom in beautiful detail with intuitive construction tools and dynamic economy, transportation and city simulation systems. You can even create and share your own worlds, missions, landscapes, vehicles and more with the in-game map editor and extensive modding tools and support via Steam Workshop. Build a diverse empire by utilizing the game’s new ecosystem options which allows users to choose from distinct natural environments, each rendered in exquisite graphical detail.

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